TMNT Lab Research Collage

Active Projects

  • Soft hydraulics: Towards a predictive theory of the static and dynamic response of compliant flow conduits.
  • Fluid–structure interactions in intracranial aneurysms: Coupled flow and biomechanics.
  • Continuum models and numerical methods for particle-laden multiphase flows and heat transfer in complex and 3D geometries (see twoFluidsNBSuspensionFoam project).
  • Gas-liquid flows and heat transfer in packed bed reactors.
  • Interfacial fluid mechanics and (in)stability of fluid–fluid interfaces in the presence of multiphysics interactions.
  • Non-Newtonian fluid flows, including viscous gravity currents, start-up problems, microflows & slip.
  • Nonlinear waves; PDEs with Hamiltonian structure; stochastics (see e.g., langevinkinks project).

Other Projects

  • Anomalous scalings in the diffusion of granular materials; long-time asymptotics of diffusion equations.
  • Chaotic mixing of granular materials; 3D nonlinear dynamical systems and chaos.
  • Nonlinear Fourier analysis and transforms for ocean acoustics modeling (NONFATFOAM).
  • Nonlinear acoustics (inviscid and thermoviscous) and shock formation.
  • Hyperbolic heat conduction and wave propagation.
  • Wavelets and wavelet methods for signal processing and solution of PDEs.​


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You can watch Prof. Christov's 7 minute faculty research presentation (July 2020) above or view the slides directly.

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