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The Transport: Modeling, Numerics & Theory Laboratory (TMNT Lab) strives to combine advanced mathematical concepts and experimental results with physical intuition about the modeling of flowing materials in order to make progress on fundamental questions in mechanics. Specifically, an overarching theme of the TMNT Lab's research is transport (e.g., as a means of effecting mixing or for mitigating separation). 

A note to prospective students:


Due to an extreme amount of email regarding positions and admissions, at this time it is the TMNT Lab policy that emails from non-Purdue students cannot be answered, except in special circumstances. Due to other commitments and the volume of emails, even emails from Purdue students may go unanswered; apologies in advance.


For further information on applying to Purdue and admissions to the ME graduate programs. Admissions are only made by the Graduate School at Purdue on the recommendation of the ME Graduate Admissions Committee. The PI does not and cannot admit students, therefore applications must be made to the Graduate School and the School of ME at Purdue, no applications should be sent to the TMNT Lab or the PI. 

Principal Investigator


Professor Ivan C. Christov

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